Raising the bar in terms of ambience and structural design, the Dome range combines wide span space with mesmeric style and elegance.

From the compact yet still feeling open area of the 10m Dome to the colossal 24m Trident, these particular structures deliver truly bold and useful space solutions that somehow give us a feeling of taking us back to the future.
various dome images

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Dryspace Structures Dome range are available in various sizes from a functional 6m diameter right up to the huge Peanut trident dome at 48m and with its massive 805m2 of usable floor space.

The domes have been designed to support modular use, when incorporating additional joining tunnels but are equally impactful as individual structures. This feature can allow for an incredible range of possibilities on events and promotions when considered at early planning stages. Additionally, this series is available in both standard airflow and sealed air beam designs, with the multilayered engineering on both ranges allowing them to withstand the toughest of conditions and so be sited in the most demanding of environments.

Further accessories and enhancements are available for these structures,  with flooring, door systems, lighting, graphics, furniture and branding all available.

These wonderful structures are both for sale or hire.

The current dome range consists of six sizes:

10m Dome (58m2)  14m Dome (120m2)   20m Dome (240m2)

24m Dome (365m2)  Peanut Jnr (551m2)   48m Peanut Dome (805m2)


Dome renders