Indoor Range

Indoor Range

As well as creating space solutions for large indoor & outdoor events, Dryspace offers a range of highly effective lightweight, portable interior structures that appear to pop-up from nowhere. Whether it be for chill-out zones, additional meeting space or creating an inviting contemporary bar. Our designs and service offer ideas and a flexibility that a lot of our clients might have previously thought impossible.

The indoor range can be further enhanced by adding internal LED lighting or applying temporary graphics that would unsuitable on outdoor structures.

If you’re looking for highly portable, lightweight solutions that seem to pop up from nowhere and make a big statement then look no further.

The products that consist our Indoor range are as follows:-


Office Range

Legs Icon3x3m Office icon4x3m Office icon5x4m Office icon6x5m Office Icon

Airwall Range

3m Airwall icon4m Airwall icon5m Airwall icon

Cubewall Range

Dryspace Cubewall product button

Cross Wall Range

Dryspace Cross Wall range button

Curvewall Range


Boxer Range

Link to Boxer product information

C-Wall Range

Dryspace C-Wall icon button

Panoramic Range

6m Panoramic structure button8m Panoramic structure button10m Panoramic structure button12m Panoramic structure button14m Panoramic structure button

Cuberamic Range

Dryspace 6m Cuberamic linkDryspace 8m Cuberamic buttonDryspace 10m Cuberamic buttonDryspace 12m Cuberamic button