Marine Collection

Marine Collection

Dryspace Marine cover version 2 example

Dryspace design studio present our recently redesigned*, exciting, versatile and unique range of marine industry inflatable structures.

During the off-season, a yacht or boat can deteriorate due to inactivity. Obviously, owners like to ensure that come the opening of a new season they are in optimal condition but this isn’t always as easy as it could be.

Inclement weather conditions making the seemingly easiest jobs more challenging and time consuming.

To hire the necessary industrial unit can not only end up being expensive but can also require plenty of advance booking. Our range of marine industry inflatable structures can help to solve these problems.

The workshops are quick to install, especially easy to transport and due to the nature of materials used, very strong and lightweight. This means a ‘dryspace’ can now be created anywhere you require the work to be carried out!

As with many of our other products, these durable structures can be used as an independent singular unit covering just a specific area or as multiples, zipped together, to create a complete tunnelling system. As your yachts might get bigger so can our inflatables.

The Dryspace Marine Collection (or Yacht Shield) is available straight ’off the shelf’ in four sizes but as mentioned above, can be joined to create larger spaces if required. The full specs for the items can be seen on the Hangar page and as with any of our range, is available for either purchase or hire.

Simply unpack the structure. Plug in the fan and ‘inflate’. You now have the perfect environment to prepare for the season launch!

These items are also available as either ‘airflow’ or ‘sealed air’ units.

Contact us or check out our Facebook page for the latest information and new products.

Dryspace marine cover new design plan views
*(to improve performance in high winds)