Boxspace Containers

Dryspace Boxspace installation examples

The landscape of both the high street and industrial areas are changing.

There has been a distinctive move from the previous solutions offered to solve housing shortages and commercial business start-ups to an innovative and cost effective approach. Dryspace, who are already recognised as providers for the temporary event structure industry, are delivering a new innovation quite literally.

As with all our projects each commission is provided it’s very own identity. Clients, are able to work directly alongside our team of designers to create their very own custom solution using commonly available materials. Every step of the process is taken care of.

The supply chain for these structures is all provided by experienced suppliers of the highest calibre and quality. This translates through all aspects of construction, ranging from the steel fabrication, engineering and powder coating, right through to the space design within and the project management. To the client this simply means a shortened timeline from concept to completion and ensures a smooth experience.

The possibilities offered by these structures are virtually endless and as always our client’s objectives remain at the forefront of the project.

To find out more about this amazing range and the exciting possibilities offered check out the features or use the form below to get more details.

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