Dailies Contacts – Dallas

Dryspace Dailies Contacts installation at the Hyatt Regency Dallas

Overseas installation experience proved to be the deciding factor that led to Dryspace to be chosen to supply one of our stunning 20m domes and several cube walls for a creative agency working on behalf of Dailies Contact Lenses.

The event, hosted in a standard conference area within the Hyatt Regency Dallas, Texas, meant that there would be combination of time, sound and safety restrictions to be adhered to by the installation team. However delivering projects within tight deadlines is the required norm for us and with a completed installation time of two hours we set the bar pretty high.

Following this excellent start, the agencies own installation teams were able to move in immediately and kit the structure internally with some of the latest eye testing equipment.

What followed over the next three days was a thorough examination of our product both inside and out by the client and conference delegates alike. We passed.

1x 20m Dome

2x 12m Cube Walls

2x 8m Cube Walls

2013 – Hyatt Regency, Dallas, Texas