Fiat 500L Launch – UK

Pics of the Dryspace installation for Fiat UK

Two venues and four different structures were the order of the day for a recent Fiat commission to be held at two of Britain’s well known racecourses.

On this occasion our installations were to be part of an innovative solution to showcase the launch of the new Fiat 500L to staff at Fiat’s regional meetings in the UK.

Any structures had to be large enough to provide a temporary conference space to host more than 500 delegates, new vehicles and also a catering area.

After planning, it was decided that a 24m Dome would provide a suitable centre piece to the events due to it’s massive usable floorspace. A dome of this size would comfortably have space for a fashion show lighting and catwalk setup (large enough for the new 500Ls to travel down) and still have room for the desired theatre style seating arrangement.

In addition to the Trident, two further 20m Domes were selected to house (stationary) vehicle displays and finally a single 14m Dome was provided so that it could be used as a catering area.

All the structures, including the necessary trac flooring were installed in just one day proving that size doesn’t have to mean slow.


1x 24m Dome

2x 20m Dome

1x 14m Dome


2014 – Wetherby Racecourse and Newbury Racecourses