GSN Launch – Nashville

Pics of Dryspace GSN installation

A game show launch for the GSN network provided one of the latest in a series of US bookings for Dryspace.

The brand new launch was to be filmed live at the Court of 3 Stars and required us to provide a structure to match the distinctive venue in Nashville, Tennessee.

Our recommendation in this instance was the spacious 15m x 15m Cube structure, offering an interior perfect for whatever lighting or filming space be required.

Dryspace’s structures always provide striking exterior lines as well as fantastic interior spaces. This helped in our selection of the cube, as the network’s three day event planned to have hundreds of contestants playing games and taking a series of challenges directly outside, whilst waiting to enter the structure to answer some final prize winning questions.

Installation time for this project was to be especially tight, as a studio rigging team was to immediately follow the structures inflation to ensure the venue looked fantastic not just on camera but to the live crowd too.

The cube more than hit it’s mark from every angle.

You can see the cube in action on GSN’s video launch.

1x 15m x 15m Cube
2014 – Court of 3 Stars, Nashville, Tennessee