Kings Affair – UK

Dryspace Kings Affair installation

For three years Dryspace’s 24m dome was used in the stunning grounds of the University of Cambridge for their Summer Ball (Kings Affair).

The dome was set up in the grounds to hold live entertainment including bands, dj’s and bars as one of ‘the’ events in the students’ social calendar.

The beauty of Dryspace’s structures is that even up at the massive 24m size, the weight on the grass is a lot less than a conventional marquee and so less potential long term damage to the site. Could this be the one time it’s ok to ‘keep on the grass’?

To show you how easy it is to set up even the one of the largest in our range. We thought we’d share a recent timelapse of an installation.

1x 24m Dome

365m2 of grey trac flooring

2010 – University of Cambridge – UK

2011 – University of Cambridge – UK

2012 – University of Cambridge – UK