Medway NORSE – UK

Images of Dryspace Medway NORSE installation

This project involved the setting up and fitting of a brand new office facility in Gillingham, Kent on behalf of Medway NORSE.

The challenge required us to provide a semi permanent structure that could offer maximum versatility of the eventual space accompanied by the seemingly usual short turnaround.

Short turnarounds are one thing we excel in but what really sealed the deal was Dryspace’s experience in creating just such work areas from recycled shipping containers. Innovation in recycling and a unique solution to match.

Once the specs had been confirmed, it was decided that eight 40ft cube containers would provide the shell and during the fabrication process, these would be combined into one large open plan space, with two smaller offices, a meeting room, kitchen and toilet facilities as well.

One of the main recommendations of offering this kind of structure meant that the whole facility was fully installed, internally completed and ready for the clients to move in in just seven weeks.

Internal specs included full decoration, second fix, air-conditioning and carpets that would ensure that once inside you’d find it difficult to guess the outer structures original purpose.

8 x 40ft recycled cube containers
2014 – Gillingham, Kent

Dryspace Medway NORSE construction images

Dryspace Medway NORSE interior installation images

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