EMC World Conference – Las Vegas

Shots from the Dryspace VDA Productions install

Apart from stunning looks, one of the great features of Dryspace domes is the ability to create truly immersive environments. Each dome can become a haven of light, colour and sound or just as importantly keep outside distractions to a minimum if the brief dictates. Each product has a double skin and when combined with the air held within the pockets the noise reduction is dramatic.

One of the many advantages that inflatable structures hold over conventional marquees is that they are just as easily used indoors as outdoors. There’s no need for guy ropes or soft ground in order that pegs can be used. Additionally, they’re inflated in minutes allowing other suppliers in the chain plenty of time to set up (if required). A perfect choice for indoor events where booked or available display space can be expensive, limited and setup timing critical.

For the EMC World Conference, 2014 at The Venetian, Las Vegas, NV, Dryspace supplied eight of our 8m domes for Social Lounge. The Social Lounge was open to all attendees and included soft seating, small networking or meet-up areas, workstations with power, and a sponsored “Elect” section that attendees could enter and enjoy private engagement. In this instance the target audience was the casual social media user but also needed to appeal to professional journalists as well. The intention, to draw people into an environment completely conducive to social media engagement.

VDA creative thinking paid off and not only did the Social Lounge prove to be a popular oasis within the busy conference they picked up a gold award for it as well

8 x 8m Domes
2014 – EMC World Conference, The Venetian, Las Vegas, NV

Various images taken at the Dryspace install for VDA Productions
Panoramic shot of Dryspace install for VDA Productions