Parque Da Bola – Brazil

Pics of the Dryspace 25m sealed air dome at the Parque Da Bola, Rio site

One of the biggest events on the planet, The World Cup held on this occasion in Brazil, presented Dryspace with a superb opportunity to deliver another exciting international project.

On this occasion, it was our stunning range of new sealed air products that garnered the interest and the eventual contract required us to supply one of our fantastic 25m sealed air dome structures.

The only inflatable dome of it’s type to be present at the 2014 World Cup Finals, it was to be situated at Parque Da Bola in Rio, where the structure was used to host a number of different parties throughout the finals.

The dome was installed on a raised deck and was internally fitted with 360 degree projection, sound and light to help any celebrations inside go with a bang and create a truly immersive experience for the guests inside.

The Dryspace team’s duties on this project not only ran to the usual structure installation but also included training the sites staff so that they were able to independently manage and service the dome over the whole six week duration.

You can see some additional shots of the structure on the venues Facebook page too. Video taken from events inside this amazing installation can be viewed on our Vimeo page.

1 x 25m Sealed Air Dome
2014 – Parque Da Bola, Rio, Brazil