Prêt A Manger – UK

Pics of the Dryspace installation for Prêt at Alexandra Palace

For a recent booking at Alexandra Palace, London, two of our smaller structures proved to be right at the top of our client’s menu for an event.

All Dryspace’s products look as striking indoor as they do outdoor. So when Prêt A Manger came to us looking for recommendations that would be suitable for a two day trade fair at the distinctive London location we had no hesitation in suggesting two of our 10m Domes.

Providing an excellent useable floor space and ceiling height, these structures can create just the right effect especially where installation space might be restricted or needing to work alongside additional installation elements.

The domes, in this instance, were to provide the centre piece of an installation promoting the range of foods on offer throughout Prêt A Manger’s UK outlets and once in place they certainly created a lasting impression to those who attended.

2x 10m Domes
2014 – Alexandra Palace, London, UK