The Social – UK

Dryspace The Social install images

On many occasions our structures are booked simply for how they will appear but for The Social event it was about much more than that.

Primarily, as a music event that was to be sited close to residential areas, it was about containing any resulting sound within designated areas. It was also about making sure that the quality of experience for any event-goers matched up to The Social’s already established quality standard.

For many outdoor festivals or music events, the main let down is the very experience they set out to showcase, the sound. In many instances this can be as a result of sound absorption by the surrounding environment and then also the strict noise level monitoring set by environmental officials. Dryspace’s range of products are designed to provide a solution for both of these considerations and more.

From the outset, correct site setup is essential and with advice from our project planners, the chosen structures, in this instance a 24m Dome, a massive Peanut Dome both with Trac flooring, were placed with exits/entrances facing a nearby motorway with a view to help diffuse any sound leakage.

The structural integrity of the products themselves, helps to minimise this sound transference due to not only the double skin layers but also the air contained within. This is something conventional marquees cannot offer. Additionally, what helps reduce outside noise also helps to contain internal sound, leading to a truly immersive experience to those inside. This is particularly useful where distinct zones or separate arenas are required as was here.

Set up with our usual efficiency, the organisers and sound technicians were afforded plenty of time to refine and test the space.

The all day festival allowed more than 2,000 people to listen and dance to some of dance music’s premier performers.. The structures themselves receiving high praise from the DJs, sound technicians and event-goers alike. The event was a success with no complaints regarding the sound from anyone at all.

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1 x 24m Dome

1 x Peanut Dome

Trac flooring

2015 – Maidstone, UK

Various images taken at the Dryspace install for The Social

Outside shot of Dryspace install for The Social