Event Structures

Examples of Dryspace event installations

Here at Dryspace we aim to provide cutting edge structures to cover any event both indoor and out. We can offer a creative solution to every brief undertaken, drawn from our extensive product range that has structure sizes to fit the most demanding of requirements.

All ranges have been designed to work either in modular format, due to their standard door size and when used with additional joining tunnels, or as independent free-standing items. Features such as these offer excellent creative potential for any event or promotion when considered at the planning stage.

Structures can be supplied in standard airflow (fan driven) or as a sealed air beam design and the multilayered engineering provided by both options allows them to withstand the toughest conditions and so be used in the most demanding of environments. Accessories and enhancements such as flooring, complex door systems, lighting, graphics, furniture and branding all provide levels of customisation should any client require it.

Structures are available for both sale or hire.

Our most popular ranges consist of:


various dome images

10m Dome icon14m Dome iconDryspace 20m Dome link button24m Dome iconDryspace Peanut Jnr buttonPeanut Dome icon

Dome renders


Examples of Dryspace Cube installations

6m Cube icon12m Cube icon15m Cube icon25m Cube icon



(made up from several ranges)

Office Range

Legs Icon3x3m Office icon4x3m Office icon5x4m Office icon6x5m Office Icon

Airwall Range

Dryspace 3m H Wall renderDryspace 6m H Wall renderDryspace 8m H Wall renderDryspace 12m H Wall render

Cubewall Range

Dryspace Cubewall product button

Cross Wall Range

Dryspace Cross Wall range button

Curvewall Range


Boxer Range

Link to Boxer product information

C-Wall Range

Dryspace C-Wall icon button

Panoramic Range

6m Panoramic structure button8m Panoramic structure button10m Panoramic structure button12m Panoramic structure button14m Panoramic structure button

Cuberamic Range

Dryspace 6m Cuberamic linkDryspace 8m Cuberamic buttonDryspace 10m Cuberamic buttonDryspace 12m Cuberamic button


All items have the option to be custom branded should it be required.

For enquiries to hire or purchase any of our range contact us using the form below

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