Dryspace’s range of indoor inflatable structures can be used for creating chill out zones, meeting rooms, breakout areas and additional event space. These can be used in creating stunning exhibition environments and couldn’t be simpler to offer solutions for most client needs.

The range can be enhanced, like all our products, by adding internal LED lighting or applying temporary graphics in some cases using techniques that would be unsuitable for our larger outdoor range of products.

Looking for Highly portable, lightweight solutions that seem to pop up from nowhere and make a big statement? Look no further. Our indoor range could fit the bill perfectly

Products that make up the Indoor range are as follows:-


Office Range

Legs Icon3x3m Office icon4x3m Office icon5x4m Office icon6x5m Office Icon

Airwall Range

Dryspace 3m H Wall renderDryspace 6m H Wall renderDryspace 8m H Wall renderDryspace 12m H Wall render

Cubewall Range

Dryspace Cubewall product button

Cross Wall Range

Dryspace Cross Wall range button

Curvewall Range


Boxer Range

Link to Boxer product information

C-Wall Range

Dryspace C-Wall icon button

Panoramic Range

6m Panoramic structure button8m Panoramic structure button10m Panoramic structure button12m Panoramic structure button14m Panoramic structure button

Cuberamic Range

Dryspace 6m Cuberamic linkDryspace 8m Cuberamic buttonDryspace 10m Cuberamic buttonDryspace 12m Cuberamic button