Whilst modular products like Dryspaces popular Airwalls, Cubwalls and Cross walls can offer excellent flexibility when combined together, sometimes what’s required is a simple solution to provide a single point of focus. Available in three sizes, 6m, 10m and 14m widths, the C-Wall range can provide just such an answer.

Offering a consistent 2.5m height around the full radius of the structure (unlike our popular Curevwall which adopts a more open stepped approach), this range has been designed to provide an enclosed performance or presentation area, whilst still allowing flexible seating options and easy access. By positioning any focus area at the back of the structure, the curved wall shape delivers excellent audibility to all in the audience, whilst still reducing excess noise transference outside of the wall. Particularly useful where distinct zones or areas are required or if the C-Wall is to be installed on its own within a single larger indoor space.

Sample 14m C-Wall configuration options

Dryspace 14m C-Wall render with seating

Dryspace 14m C-Wall render with chairs

Dryspace 14m C-Wall render showing space option