The Cuberamic series has been designed to provide even more choice to our extensive range of (lite) indoor structures.

The Cuberamic can be a perfect solution for those smaller to medium events or where multiple structures within a comparatively small area are required due to their reduced clearance requirements. Additionally the wall shape and angle offer an excellent useable floor space across the whole range.

The series is available in four sizes to offer the maximum possible flexibility for event planners but importantly, even the biggest (12m) packs down to a manageable size. This feature in turn can provide simpler transport and delivery considerations for the client.

Cuberamic 6 = L6m x W6m X H2.8m

Cuberamic 8 = L8m x W8m x H3.2m

Cuberamic 10 = L10m x W10m x H3.5m

Cuberamic 12 = L12m x W12m x H3.5m

Cuberamic 1210 = L12m x W10m x H3.5m

8m front elevation

Dryspace 8m Cuberamic structure render

6m, 8m and 10m structures shown from above

Dryspace 6m, 8m and 10m Cuberamic structure renders