Dryspace offers a range of highly effective, lightweight portable structures that appear to pop up from nowhere. Whether it’s for chill out zones, additional meeting spaces or to create an inviting contemporary promotional or entertainment area, our designs can offer ideas and a flexibility that is only limited by the imagination.

The modularity of the systems we provide can offer multiple configurations, incorporating extension tunnels, awnings and hubs to create space alternatives that will suit any venue or requirements.

The Dome range combines wide span space with mesmeric style and elegance. From the compact yet open space of the 10m Dome to the colossus 24m Dome, this particular offering delivers truly bold and useful space solutions that somehow take us back to the future.

The Cube range where straight lines have curves and the designs have little constraints other than maximum size. This range of cubes offers large durable space that will shelter any high volume event in any season. The large open surfaces provide powerful branding and advertising opportunities.

Office Range

Legs Icon3x3m Office icon4x3m Office icon5x4m Office icon6x5m Office Icon

Airwall Range

Dryspace 3m H Wall renderDryspace 6m H Wall renderDryspace 8m H Wall renderDryspace 12m H Wall render

Cubewall Range

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Cross Wall Range

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Curvewall Range


Boxer Range

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C-Wall Range

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Airoof & Luna

Airoof iconLuna icon

Panoramic Range

6m Panoramic structure button8m Panoramic structure button10m Panoramic structure button12m Panoramic structure button14m Panoramic structure button

Cuberamic Range

Dryspace 6m Cuberamic linkDryspace 8m Cuberamic buttonDryspace 10m Cuberamic buttonDryspace 12m Cuberamic button

Pavilion Range

Dryspace 6m Pavilion product linkDryspace 10m Pavilion product linkDryspace 12m Pavilion product linkDryspace 14m Pavilion product link

Cube Range

6m Cube icon12m Cube icon15m Cube icon25m Cube icon

Dome Range

10m Dome icon14m Dome iconDryspace 20m Dome link button24m Dome iconDryspace Peanut Jnr buttonPeanut Dome icon