Examples of Dryspace Boxer installations

The range of Dryspace Boxers is a hybrid of inspiration based on the success of both of our OIAb and Cube ranges. It is a dynamic, light weight event & room system that packs down into a conveniently portable bag, that can be transported easily from venue to venue, event to event! Whether in the back of a car, van or even across your shoulder on a scooter, the Boxer has been designed to create a light weight portable office or an exhibition space, it is ideal for product launches or key branding marketing statements.

Designed for indoor use, the Boxer can be used as a temporary spcae solution for any occasion, given that the entire space can be inflated in just a few minutes!

Indoor event space in white ripstop

Size(s) available:
• Boxer 3 size; L3mxW3mxH2.5m, 5.5m2 useable floor area (closed)
• Boxer 4 size; L4mxW4mxH2.5m, 11.5m2 useable floor area (closed)
• Boxer 5 size; L5.1mxW.1mxH2.5m, 19m2 useable floor area(closed)
• Boxer 6 size; L6.1mxW6.1mxH2.5m, 29m2 useable floor area (closed)

Render of Drspace Boxer product