Examples of Dryspace Curvewall installs
The Curvewall from Dryspace is a shaped indoor display structure, available in 4m, 5m, 6m & 8m diameter sizes and with all the items in the range measuring a uniform 2.5m at the tallest point.

We think you’ll agree that these Curvewall structures provide a much more distinctive branding space than the standard shell systems that can be found in many venues. Offering an alternative, where greater stability is preferred, to our excellent Cubewall product.

Impressive structures as they are in white, by simply adding some carefully placed LED lighting, Curvewalls can be transformed into an oasis of colour. Perfect to leave that lasting impression with staff or clients.

Size(s) available:

Curvewall 4 (H) 2.5m x (D) 4.0m
Curvewall 5 (H) 2.5m x (D) 5.0m
Curvewall 6 (H) 2.5m x (D) 6.0m
Curvewall 8 (H) 2.5m x (D) 8.0m

Dryspace Curvewall product range