Dryspace Hangar design version 2 examples

Inflatable Light Aircraft Hangars and Inflatable Aircraft Hangar Workshops

Dryspace’s range of hangar structures have been developed specifically for the aircraft industry and can create the perfect temporary maintenance area or working area.

As with all our products, the structures are lightweight, very strong and with a speedy inflation time can be available to provide the perfect sheltered working environment almost instantly.

These products have recently been redesigned* and can be used with both fixed-wing and other types of aircraft. Additionally, as with any Dryspace structure, these items can be branded as a bespoke option.

Size(s) available:

Hangar 15 – (W)15m x 18m x (H)8m
Hangar 20 – (W)20m x 16m x (H)10m
Hangar 22 – (W)20m x 22m x (H)10m
Hangar 26 – (W)26m x 28m x (H)13m

Please note: inflatable end walls are available to provide a closed space. They are also available as both ‘airflow’ (1) and ‘sealed air’ (2) units and as with many of Dryspace’s range can be combined to create larger unit spaces.

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Dryspace marine or hangar cover new design plan views

*(for improved performance in high winds)

(1) AF or ‘Air Flow’: fans need to be running continuous to remain inflated.

(2) SAS or ‘Sealed Air Suport’: if fan power was lost, then structure would remain inflated by the sealed air beams.