Examples of Dryspace Panoramic installs

The panoramic range is a new edition to the lite range of indoor structures, sure to make a lasting impression at any event. The range comes in five sizes and as you’d expect from all of Dryspace’s products, are easy to transport and quick to install.

Panoramic 6 = L6m x W6m X H2.8m
Panoramic 8 = L8m x W8m x H3.2m
Panoramic 10 = L10m x W10m x H3.5m
Panoramic 12 = L12m x W12m x H3.5m
Panoramic 14m = L14m x W14m x H3.5

These range of highly effective lightweight, portable interior structures can appear to pop up from nowhere. Used for chill-out zones, additional meeting space or for creating inviting contemporary bar areas, our designs and service can offer clients ideas and flexibility that many had thought impossible. One of our most popular products these structures really have a size to fit all.

You can get a better look at this range in the gallery of some of Dryspace’s fantastic Panoramic installs.

Examples of Dryspace 12m and 14m Panoramic installs