Semi Permanent

Dryspace semi permanent installation examples

Dryspace recognise that in certain situation inflatable structures may not suit, long durations of time, higher wind tolerances and snow loading, so we have created a range of geodesic domes that will work in harsher environments. The range of domes are available from 6m up to 30m diameters and can be made into modular installations by connecting with tunnels.

We offer exclusive event solutions, which often become the focal point of any trade show, product launch, sports event, fashion show, wedding or corporate event, that they become a part of.

Invite your guests into a whole new setting, with the captivating architecture of our domes’ interior, you can be sure that the event will turn into a truly unique and memorable experience for everybody involved. Dryspace GEO Range offer you that unique opportunity to go beyond the standard solutions and present your company and products in an exuberant way.

Geo dome tents are the perfect alternative to the typical event solutions such as conventional marquees. Their unmistakable and unique shape, as well as the intricate framework of the structure, create an incredible sense of space, ensuring a distinguished venue and setting and also being an effective part of your marketing strategy.

It isn’t just dome structures that can create an impression though. Our latest range Boxspace, developed from recycled shipping containers offers another opportunity to create that lasting impression with the minimum amount of setup time.

Boxspace can even be further customised by the addition of various cladding materials that can not only change the industrial appearance of a shipping container but also adds that extra insulation value that can sometimes be required. A little advance planning allows us to fabricate everything off site and have it delivered directly to the desired location ready to go.