GEO Dome

Examples of Dryspace Semi perm GEO Dome installations

The new Dryspace GEO Range offers you a unique opportunity to go beyond our standard inflatable structures.

Geo dome tents can be the perfect alternative to the usual event solutions such as marquees. Their unmistakable and unique shape, as well as the intricate framework of the structure, create an incredible sense of space, ensuring a distinguished venue and setting, and being an effective part of your marketing strategy. The previously mentioned interlocking framework means that these products are perfect for semi permanent opportunities or installations.

Perhaps more importantly for semi permanent structures, Geodesic domes are perfectly adapted for harsher environments optimised for both higher wind tolerances and snow loads.

This amazing range of domes are available from 6m up to 30m diameters and as with most of our standard range are also modular by connecting with tunnels.

Contact us for further details on these remarkable structures.