10m Pavilion

Examples of Dryspace 10m Pavilion installations

Offering a slightly larger space than the 6m product, this is also a perfect for those smaller scale indoor or outdoor event solutions. As with all the structures in this range the unique branding attachments system means we can provide you an item ‘off the shelf’ and simply create separate branding banners that are able to attach to specific ‘branding points’ around the structure. Additionally, ‘zip in’ door sheets can also be branded to further enhance any promotion.

This range of Pavilion covers require constant airflow to remain inflated and run off a small 2 amp fan. Even so, this lightweight, versatile and surprisingly strong range of structures can still be installed in a matter of minutes by one or two people.

This 10m structure provides a floor area of 58m2 and all of these products are supplied with a packing bag, fans and ground sheet.

Dryspace 10m Pavilion render